Monday, October 19, 2020

Bad Performance? All Of It

 At The Jennifer Show last year, there was a class called Bad Performance.  Unfortunately, I didn't actually see it, I think I was busy getting my ginormous Stagecoach entry ready for the Big Dreams class.  I've seen some pictures from it and have heard a lot of people talking about how great it was - most recently, the Mares In Black podcast. 

Speaking of the podcast: they are having a Spooktacular photo show, which is now being judged.  They had an interesting class list of prompts for class names.  They encouraged people to think outside the box.  For their performance classes, they offered two options: Consistency - the same horse doing all (or most) of the classes, and Specialist - a different horse in each class.  

The formation of my ideas could be an entirely separate post, but I'll summarize it for now by saying:  I entered every performance class with a Breyer Smoky.  You might be saying: "How?!" or "Why?!".  Well, the "why" could be its own post as well and maybe it will be.  Actually I think this whole affair may result in several posts, possibly even the resurrection of this blog?

The "how" will be shown here, at least in the final photos I entered.  In my head, I was telling a story of a rambunctious horse who changed hands partway through, but continued to get into trouble and have adventures.  Then had his biggest adventure when he took to the sky!  Though the pictures are out of order in the show albums and I didn't take them in order, I'll put them in story order here.

This Smoky's name is Indy.  He came with the name and that's ANOTHER story.  

First up, for the class "Strappy"

Don't forget to check you connector strap, kids!  Don't want that back cinch going TOO far back...

"Home on the Range"

Indy: I'm freeeee!
Larry: Get back here, you son of a....

"Stock Market"

It was a quiet day in the parking lot of the local super market, when...

Hey, where's that cowboy guy who was looking for his horse?

"What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong?"

Look, a kid's horse for sale.  He looks great!  He and Little Billy could grow up together!

"Drama Llama"

What is that long-eared horse eating devil creature?!

"Just Dance"

Practicing at home for Hunter class, but Indy doesn't want to be a Hunter.  He wants to DANCE! 

"Sliding Scale"

After eating some mushrooms in the pasture, the weirdest thing happened.

"Action Park"

After bolting, Indy finds a dog park.  Fun!!

"All Dressed Up"

Indy is wearing a fancy new English saddle and bridle, but that's not enough for this forward thinking fashion mogul.  That clothesline over there should do the trick.

"Fly High"

Indy has really done it now.  He ran off, got himself lost, and stuck.  He was found and is now being airlifted to safety.

In summary, I see the idea of a Bad Performance class and raise it to an entire division.  Hahaha.

This was SO much fun and many much needed laughs were had.  Starting out, I wasn't sure if it was possible.  Then, when I came up with ideas for a class ("carry him with a drone!" "wrap him in a clothesline full of clothes!"), I wasn't sure I could pull it off.  Each time I did, and looked at the pictures, I couldn't stop smiling and laughing at the whole thing.

I must give thanks to my friend, Jennifer Buxton, for the encouragement along the way.  She entered to show too and we were sharing our creations as we came up with them.  She's always a huge inspiration for me, especially when it comes to taking model horse pictures.

Thanks to my other friend, Susan Bensema Young, for the gift of Indy and the delightful phone call a few photos in.  I had sent her a few pictures of this to share his adventures.  That was before he flew!  

Thanks also to my husband, Jeff - the drone pilot.  :-)

I have no idea how I'll do in the judging but, I already feel like a winner.  This was awesome and I want to do more!!  

Stay tuned for more on this.  Thinking I could do posts on:

Other ideas and pictures I had come up with in the beginning.
Why Smoky?
Behind the scenes, setting up these pictures.
The story of Smoky's flight.  

Which should I do first?  

Monday, May 4, 2020

Three Week Chicken Pictures

Three weeks ago, a BUNCH of chicks were hatched at Cackle Hatchery.  A small random assortment of them were put into a box and sent to us, in North Dakota.  They arrived two days later. 

I've been taking pictures of each chick every Monday, to track their growth.

Most of them I've been able to identify the breed (I think), a handful are still unknown at this time.  They were from a "Hatchery Surprise" - a bunch of random chicks - and part of the fun is to identify them as they grow.  I've had some surprises each week!

Here are their three week old pictures! 

White Sultan - this is Travolta, the only chick so far that has a name.  He is a great little model and always strikes a pose when the camera is on him:

Smaller black, unknown breed:

Smaller orange, unknown breed:

Smaller white, unknown breed:

I'm thinking this is a Sumatra.  I refer to her as the shorebird, because she has always been tiny, refined, long-legged, and very pretty.  She is my favorite:

Blue Polish, white crested:

Buff-laced Polish:

Buff-laced Polish:

White Crested Black Polish:

Buff-laced Polish:

Buff-laced Polish:

Buff-laced Polish:

Silver-laced Polish:

Mottled Houdan:

Crazy Cackle Toppie (a crested cross breed that Cackle has introduced):

Blue Cochin:

Gold-laced Cochin:

Silver-laced Cochin:

Silver-laced Cochin:

Salmon Faverolle:

Unknown breed:

Unknown breed:

Unknown breed:

Blue-laced Red Wyandotte:

Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben:

Blue Sumatra, I think.  I call this one the grey shorebird.  Another favorite:

Black Australorp:

Silver-laced Wyandotte:

Silver-laced Wyandotte:

Unknown breed (this and the one below it are SO soft):

Unknown breed:

Unknown breed:

Unknown breed:

Unknown breed, largest chick with a BIG comb already:


Unknown breed:

Unknown breed:

Unknown breed:

Unknown breed:

Barred Rock:

Barred Rock:

Barred Rock:


Splash Ameraucana, I think:

Easter Egger, I think:

The Hatchery Surprise can contain anything from the hatchery - they have all types of poultry.  As I've heard, it's common to get turkeys and ducks.  We ended up with two turkeys and one duck.

Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey:

Broad Breasted White Turkey - or possibly a Royal Palm:

Rouen Duck:

I hope you enjoyed a look at "all those chickens!"...

And turkeys. 

And duck.