Friday, October 15, 2021

Gone and Done It - Again

 The title of this post has two meanings I suppose:

1) I stopped blogging again - but only for 2 days this time

2) I did this:

(and so much more)

I have just finished entering Indy in every single performance class at the Mares in Black Spooktacular 2 photo show.  Some of you may remember that I did the same thing last year, only for it to go horribly wrong (long story short: technical difficulties on my end, my pictures didn't make it in, and I was crushed).

For this picture, I had the idea of a harness hanging off of him all silly.  That was as far as the initial idea went.  Then, as I was rearranging things in my studio a few days ago, I found the Breyer Meadowbrook cart that I have and I remembered...  it's broken.  (I bought it that way)  Suddenly (further) inspiration struck, leading to the wreck you see above.  Yes, everything is a horrible mess - too long, too short, too tight, too loose - that's on purpose.  Oh, Indy...  haha

On the topic of broken things, I also have a broken doll and, well, since the show has spooky themed class names, a few of my entries feature a broken doll.  Actually, the version of the harness picture that I entered has the broken doll in it, but I figured I wouldn't just spring that on my unsuspecting readers.

The rest of the pictures I'll probably post here soon, for now I really need to get back to getting ready for the plant sale tomorrow.  

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Sticker Day

Today was sticker day; the stickers from both of the monthly clubs I'm in arrived in the mail.

The spooky Fjord is from North West Studios and the Orlov Trotter is from DeeJayBe Studios.  The Fjord was a gambler's choice - 3 regular Fjord colors and this spooky one.  

I have a pile of stickers accumulating, from both of these clubs and also other purchases.  For now, I keep them in a drawer, but I'd like to come up with a better way to keep them or display some.

In other news: I've mentioned the plant sale, coming up this Saturday.  In the local plant swap group on FB, I happened to catch someone giving away a hibiscus tree.  I was stunned, I had no idea they'd even be happy or grow here.  Apparently, it stays out in the summer and needs to overwinter indoors.  The person I got it from was given it by a friend who moved, but then they didn't have room to bring it in for the winter I guess.  So, I spontaneously ended up with a "rescue" hibiscus.  It's blooming and is SO pretty. 

It's about 5 feet tall or so, the bloom pictured is down low, but it also has blooms and buds all over up top.  It's in the entryway, by a south facing window, where it gets sun in the evening.  My plan is to move it upstairs, to the office, where it should get a good amount of sun all winter.  There's a big south-facing window up there, too.

In other, other news: I saw the northern lights last night and WOW.  It was incredible.  I'm still struggling to form words about what the experience was actually like.  I'll ruminate on it some more and come up with something, sometime, maybe.  I took just a couple of pictures with my phone on night mode and I was thrilled that they came out.  Then I put the phone/camera down to watch the show...  and felt very, very small and insignificant.  

Monday, October 11, 2021

Model Horse Monday

For this Model Horse Monday special report, we are back at the tack desk again for the latest news and, hold on, just a minute... What's that? 


Oh no... 

It's Indy.

*crashing sounds, screams, and shouts can be heard in the distance, before the news feed suddenly goes dark* 

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Tack Magic

Today was really, really... really hard.  I can't even point to a certain reason why.  It seemed that depression and ADHD joined hands and kicked me in the teeth, again and again.  It was not good.

Tonight, though, I did manage to spend a bit of time making tack and that always helps.  I'm technically late on my loose plans to do a post a day this month, since it's after midnight, but I think it should still count. 

I have a room full of stuff.  Lots of model horses, a lifetime supply of... supplies to make things.  But, for now anyway, this is where the "magic" happens.  The tack magic, that is.

At the moment I have underway: 

- A turquoise halter/bridle combo for Uffington (to match the endurance breast collar I'd made a while back).

- A natural color classic scale western snaffle bridle.

- 4 draft horse bridles in pink, green, orange, and light blue.

- A surprise halter for someone.

- A pink Arabian costume on a PAM (side note: I'm uncertain if this would be called regalia, because.. it's pink, and probably a lot more arena style, based on the color alone, so... a costume?  I really don't know, I feel a bit weird calling something that looks like Pepto Bismol authentic regalia).

- A saddle tan western snaffle bridle for Fireheart.

- A lime green convertible gaming bridle for Ruffian and also whoever doesn't need a split crown piece.

I think that's it as far as most of who is on the tack  desk and why.  Jaskier (Troubadour) is just there because I love looking at him so much.  Same with Bolya and Sound The Bugle.  

The classic Arabian stallion is being prepped for paint and I'm also eyeballing him for some tack work.  I do have a couple of presentation sets I'd started on that mold a year or two ago.  Might dig them out if I can make some progress on the above list.

For now, I should go to bed.  I hope tomorrow is a better day.  

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Rain Day

Well... I didn't go to the vendor show.  This morning started with weather advisories for heavy rain, to include possible flooding in our area.  It was to be an outdoor event, so that gave me pause.  Then, while tending to the chickens this morning, I found out that one of them appears to suddenly be blind (??).  I also found Fraggle Junior out in the rain, looking cold, wet, and miserable.  I brought them both  inside, plus Junior's roommate, Percy.  The rain started to pour and suddenly it was past time to leave for the show.  The decision was seemingly already made to stay home.

Instead of going, I, well, I guess I did pretty much nothing.  Took care of chickens (inside the house and out), napped, scrolled around on FB. 

Oh, and I also checked out some of the entries for the Field of Dolls Fall show on OMHPS.  I do wish I would have entered.  Today I thought about rallying and throwing together some last minute entries.  However, with the dark and stormy day, the lighting would have been not great for the pictures I had in mind. 

I really don't want to be like this, last minute all the time.  It's good for a laugh, and I do seem to work well under pressure - usually - but it's not really fun and I have missed out on a lot of deadlines and fun things, too. 


In somewhat related ramblings, I think I'm going to try to start a bullet journal/planner.  I have this weird obsession with planners - weird, since I usually forget to use them, but I keep trying, hoping they'll get me more organized.  I found a tutorial of sorts for a bullet journal, geared toward people with ADHD (which I have).  Hopefully it will (finally?) help me to get organized.  Hopefully.

Circling back around to OMHPS, I recently created an account on there and have uploaded a whopping two horses so far.  I like the site already, it seems really cool.  I'm excited by how many shows are available and I hope I can enter something this month.  Yesterday, I mentioned how I have a ton of possible props now for autumn/Halloween photos.  Maybe I'll try and work on that this coming week, along with getting ready for the plant sale next weekend (which is indoors, I'm pretty sure).

I guess I don't really have any pictures for this post in particular, so here's a picture of a little chicken family at bedtime tonight.  They have been sleeping next to their mom lately, but tonight it's cold and wet outside.  They seem to have all decided they wanted to be snuggled in under their mom again.  

Friday, October 8, 2021

Wood + Laser = Leaves

Tomorrow is a vendor show.  Most of the summer, I was vending at the farmer's market in town.  There I peddled my wares, which consisted of chicken eggs, and laser stuff.  Also some spaghetti squash from the garden, as the season wound down.  The farmer's market wrapped up two weeks ago, but I had my sights set on a couple of other events and the first one is tomorrow.

I'll be taking mostly laser things to this one, but also chicken eggs.  So many chicken eggs.  For the laser, I'm still trying to sell off some old product inventory, but I always enjoy making a few new things, too.  

This is a sign design that I came up with a month or so ago.  For my "first draft" I did a color fill.  This is where the letters and design are engraved into the wood and I fill them with color.  Today I decided to work on a version 2 and here's what I came up with.  Now the leaves and words are actually cut out from another layer and glued in place.

I'm really happy with how it came out.

It was fun cutting out all of the leaves, too.  I did a few versions of them as well, playing with different colors and different stem thicknesses (the first ones were paper thin and would not have been very strong at all)

In somewhat related news: I'm hoping to maybe try and do some autumn-themed model horse (and chicken?) pictures soon.  A few recent shopping trips have spontaneously yielded a bunch of fun props and, um, tiny costumes...

Sooooon.  (I hope)

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Ponies and Plants

Another quick post here, that's most of what I've been doing this week it seems.  I'm trying to make blogging a habit (again) and so I'm going to keep cranking out posts, even if it's late at night and I can't think of much to say, ha.  Oh, I do have a TON of things I could write about and a billion pictures to share, but maybe not when I'm one foot into bed...  

Went to Tractor Supply today and spontaneously got, um, a bunch of their Stablemate blind bags:

One of them was the blue and white chase (top left).  That one is super pretty.  I'll probably keep a few of these OF and then either sell or CM the rest.  Probably CM - or at least plan to.  

Today's biggest project though was repotting and propagating my "leopard lily" plants. 

I turned three pots full of them into 50-60 individual pots and cups.  In a couple of weeks, I have a vendor spot at a plant sale.  I'll be selling these baby plants and also some laser stuff (crafty/home d├ęcor things).  I used to do this every 6months-year or so and used to joke that I was a leopard lily farmer.  They are prolific little plants and keep popping out baby bulbs.  It's been several years since my last round of "lily farming".  It was nice to get back into it.  

A fun bit of trivia: these are actually all descendants of my original leopard lily plant.  I sent some bulbs to a friend before we went to Japan.  As soon as I returned, she sent me back some bulbs.  They took a while to get started; I don't think they appreciated leaving AZ to come back to the Dakotas (they are a desert plant), but they have been going really well for a while now.  

That's about it for today, lots of plants and some plastic ponies.