Thursday, July 28, 2016

Floss Report

A couple of weeks ago, I made a great buy, acquiring a ton of embroidery floss and beads.

Giant tote bag stuffed with goodies!  Traditional Fighting stallion for scale.

For most of last week, I was sorting and winding the floss.

They'd been given to me stuffed into a few plastic grocery bags, inside the big tote.

Supervisor kitteh inspects the new arrival

She'd mentioned that she had tried to sort them by color.  There were a few dividers in the bags, made up of newspaper, and plastic sheets.

What did I do first?


(is he fighting a giant floss monster?)

I couldn't help myself, I thought it'd be fun to see ALL of them, jumbled in a mix of pretty colors, before the great organization project got underway.

After making the "pile", I stuffed them all back into a bag and then had fun sorting them by color type.

Once that was done, I counted the contents of each container.

Because I apparently love numbers (I have an Accounting degree after all), I just had to know how many skeins of floss I'd ended up with.  The woman had said in her ad that it was "300+ skeins".  "Plus", indeed.  The grand total?  935 skeins.  Making them about 3 cents each.

Next up, was to figure out exactly how I was going to make my new floss hoard useable.

I decided to further sort each color group by number and wind one of each number onto bobbins.

That brings us to this: the results from a week of floss sorting, bobbin making, and floss winding.

Further in the number category (more useless information?) the whole lot of 935 ended up including 250 individual colors.  Some had only one skein, but most had at least two, some as many as a dozen or more.

Next up, I'll be integrating them into my current containers.  I use a few of the bead boxes pictured to the left of the above picture.

Me thinks I'll have to order at least a few more of these bead boxes... Sadly, they aren't available here.  At least not the same ones and I'd like to keep them all matching.

Next up will be going through the beads.  However this week I've been busy getting ready for the next vendor show here, which is this coming Saturday!!

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