Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Newsy Post and Happy February!

Well, I've been quite sporadic with my blog posting so far this year.  I'm hoping to turn that trend around and get back to more frequent posts.  As usual, it's not that I don't really have anything to say, it's just that there seems to be a disconnect between things happening and me sitting down to write about them.

There is a LOT happening!

I have, at last count, six people interested in giving a show home to one of my little custom horses.  (yay!)  I'm hoping to get that all going starting this month.  Some horses are already done, but I have plans for several more that are already started.  I'd like to finish some of them to have a larger pool to give away.  If you haven't contacted me yet about that, the offer is still open.

In related "paint all the horses" news, February 1st marks the official start of NaMoPaiMo, National Model Painting Month - which is a(nother) awesome idea from Jennifer Buxton, of Braymere Custom Saddlery.  After being unable to decide who I would paint until nearly the last minute (so me...), I chose Anubis.

He will be black, most likely solid black, in honor of The Black (Stallion), my earliest horsey obsession.  Also, my main reason for adding Anubis to the herd was as a costume model.  I thought about leaving him unpainted for that purpose, to allow the costumes to be the focus of future photo shoots, but I think most costumes will "pop" well on a black horse too.

(related to costume models, I've also decided that I will be buying a couple copies of a miniature version of a certain famous Traditional resin, if that's enough of a weird, vague clue...)

The decision I'm struggling with now (sigh...) is whether or not to do a tiny bit of work on his face.  He has a very "exotic", extreme profile and...  that's not really my thing.  I love the head of an Arabian horse, but usually not the ones that are SO dished.  I've gone back and forth thinking that I would leave it (I feel kind of weird about altering a resin, even though I know there are artists who routinely do way more than what I'm considering) or that I would go ahead and build it up a bit.

Currently I'm leaning towards: "just do it".  The overall impression he gives me is of a big, strong horse and, in my eyes, I'm not the sure the delicate face fits him.  I absolutely LOVE the detailing on his muzzle, so I won't be touching that if I can at all help it.

In other news, anyone who's read my blog for a bit probably knows about my struggle to let go of my "other" crafts.  At the moment I'm sort of running three businesses, or perhaps one actual business and two creative hobby-wanna be businesses.  The laser is the real thing, then I have my horse stuff, and finally - I have a crafting business where I make and sell things locally.

A couple of weeks ago I received a local inquiry, which led to my biggest order from that venture; and that's one reason for the most recent radio silence on this blog.  The order was for 6 cross-stitch signs and I've been furiously sketching patterns and stitching away ever since.  I'm underway on the last one and hoping to have them all finished up by this weekend.

That rolls into another bit of news, this weekend we are going in the trip to the famous Sapporo Snow Festival.  We'll be gone almost all of next week.  That means that for me, NaMoPaiMo is actually NaMoPai2-1/2 weeks or so.

Thankfully, I don't think Anubis needs much prep work.

Famous last words.

That's about it for the news I think.  I need to go finish up the last cross stitch sign and then, probably, start putting a bit of epoxy on a certain horse face.  *gulp*


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    1. Sorry, got the link wrong. Reposting

      Hope you don't mind, I gave you a shout-out in my blog. Please let me know if you don't want it there, and I'll remove the paragraph

    2. Hello! No, I don't mind at all. It means a lot to me that my blog has been a help to you. It was actually another model horse artist/blogger who gave me the courage to start sharing more personal things and to talk about my battles with depression. I'm so very glad that I could do the same for you. ((hug)) It took me a long time as well to write about those sorts of things, but they are a part of me and part (usually a huge obstacle...) of my creative journey. You are most definitely not alone.