Friday, June 10, 2016

Tomorrow = Jingle Horses!

My three weekends of horses are moving right along.  I'm at the halfway point with tomorrow being the "Jingle Horse" parade.

It happens once a year.  Last year, Jeff and I went and were able to see the end of the parade.  We also hung around at the shrine where it ends and saw all of the horses and checked out their elaborate costumes.

This year, I'll be going with one of my new horse friends that I met here, Alyce.  She is a photographer, as well as a horse person, and she was very excited about this event when I told her about it a couple of weeks ago.  We decided to leave EARLY to make the 3-ish hour trek down to where all of this happens so that we can hopefully see the horses arriving at the start of the parade and see them getting ready.

In other words, I'll be getting up at 0400 for a day about horses.  Funny, isn't it, how it's so much easier to get up for horse things than any other?  It is for me anyway...


  1. Horse people always find each other.... Bo is doing great. He and Houdini are bestest friends. Have a great time and post photos!

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  3. All the pictures this time, not just one!