Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Littler Things and Bigger Things

The biggest news for this post is that two (raw) copies of Sarah Rose's Mini Khemosabi resin landed here today!  They weathered the trip to Japan very nicely and are out stretching their legs in the studio.

I've long admired her work and I'm so happy to finally have a couple of small pieces of it.  I think it is so cool that she has been making small versions of her highly popular Traditional scale resin horses.

From making ponies smaller, we move to...  making saddle stands bigger!

That was one task I accomplished today:

During my visit to my friend Jennifer last month, I discovered that my saddle stand design is a bit too small (mostly too short) for Western saddles (oops!)  Of course, I might know this if I ever finished my Rio Rondo saddle kit that I started...  years ago.  I did use what I have of it (lower skirt, fenders, and stirrups) to help decide just how much I needed to embiggen the design.

A bit of time in the software, a prepped board fed to the laser, some wood glue, and clamping later, I had a prototype for saddle stand version two - or what will be the Western saddle stand.  It is roughly 3/4" taller and almost 1/2" longer than the original version.

In other news:

I had a request today for a saddle stand in a custom color scheme that I think will be very fun to make!

Also, I will be moving plans to experiment with the laser and leather (cutting out saddle pieces, anyone??) to the short term list.

Also, also...  Jeff declared today that he will be ordering a 3-D printer.  (eee!)  That's been on his list for some time now.  He had one on order during a Black Friday sale last year, but they oversold them and refunded his order.  He was quite sad, but it appears they are back in stock.

Oh, the ideas!

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