Monday, January 7, 2019

2019 Custom Horses To Come

This isn't so much of a "New Year's Resolution" list as it is just me wanting to get all of these organized on a list and I thought: why not share it?  

The first batch are those with deadlines, afterwards are some lose ideas I've got rattling around at the top layer of the bottomless pit of ideas...

MEPSA Makeover 
Deadline: February 15th
The mold for this time is Lady Phase.  My idea is for her to be a racehorse, full gallop, because, why not?  Is she started yet...?  Hahahahaha...  no.

Start: February 1st
Deadline: February 28th
I'll be painting my Kitty Cantrell Chincoteague Pony mare resin as a palomino tobiano.  She needs quite a bit of prep..  I really should get going on that.

MEPSA Mini Contest
Deadline: March 31st
I think I'll most likely do a couple for this, but no idea yet who.

Meows And Minis 
Deadline: early August
I wanted to donate some custom minis last year, but didn't.  This year I'd like to do at least one.

Others, non deadline:

Copy Cat Custom
I've loved the idea of this since I first heard about it, but have not yet started my own.  Here's the Facebook group for it: The Copy Cat Custom Project.

A fun idea I've had for a little while and something I've been thinking about a lot lately.  A Talbuk is an antelope-like creature in World of Warcraft.  Several of them have been made into mounts that the player can ride and one of those (the white one pictured) is my favorite ground mount for my main character.  I've always loved the way they look and I worked long and hard on the quest chain that allowed purchase of the mounts as soon as I could.

Original Sculpture(s) 
I have a large classic Thoroughbred stallion in the works - barely started, been that way for years...

Many, many years ago I started a SM scale cutting calf.  Would like to maybe work on that again.

Possibly I'll try to do a medallion or two?

Smoky, started for ICEE
Ah yes, my ICEE project who was not to be....  I had put a coat of primer on him after this picture, contemplated doing a rush job to finish him, decided no.  So he's in the holding pattern herd.

Nameless, faceless, hordes
Then there's, um, the fact that I'll be back stateside this summer/fall and finally able to go to some shows again.  (!!!!!!!!!!)  I reeeeally want to have a fresh new show string and not keep trotting out my oldies.  I love them, but... I sorely need some new faces in the herd.

That does mean that right in the middle of all of this, life will be uprooted by another big 'round the world MOVE and most all of my horses, supplies, and so on, will be in transit for a few months.

I really need to plan ahead and around that.

Okay, time to stop typing, daydreaming, and get to work.  Or go take a nap.  Ha!

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