Tuesday, October 14, 2014

On His Way!

Today, this guy finally went out in the mail, back to his owner...

... but not before I took a bunch more pictures of him, including some that turned into artsy headshots. 

I was thinking the black background might look neat for him - and boy did it.  I found that I couldn't stop taking pictures of him in that spot.  I think this shelf might be a new favorite photo location, at least for the light-colored horses.  In the morning the sun shines into the room and provides a nice natural light, without a direct glare, the way this shelf is set up.

He ended up with a neat reverse dappling that looks really cool in person, but..  I wasn't really able to capture it in pictures.  It is pretty subtle I guess and this is about as close as I could get to having a picture of it:

One last shot, before the mummification is complete and into the box he goes.  Farewell, little buddy, I hope your owner likes your new "clothes" and that do well in the show ring!

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