Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mission Accomplished

Today started with another pretty sunset.

I took a ton of pictures of it, in between getting started in the Studio. 

The view inside the room wasn't as pretty as the view outside.

A beautiful mess?

I left off yesterday being slightly defeated after attempting my first leather rolled throatlatch. 

I wasn't happy with the one I made.  So this morning, I tried again.  I did find a trick to help me get it evenly folded and glued...  Behold, the jeweler's vise coming to the rescue again!

It wasn't cranked down hard, just enough to hold the leather folded over until it was ready to roll.

Here's a bit of a comparison...  Last night's is on the bottom, today's attempt is on top:

Using the vise allowed me to keep even pressure all down the piece, versus ending up with lumps and bumps.  I'm still not 100% happy with it, but I decided it would have to do.

So...  I present my very first ever bit of leather model horse tack!

There are still some things I'm not completely happy with, but I asked myself these questions when I was done:

Is it perfect?  No.

Are there things I'd like to work on next time?  Yes.


Does it make me smile when I look at it?  Yes.

I'd call that mission accomplished.


  1. It's never going to be perfect and there are always things to work on next time. That's part of the appeal, I think!

    1. That's all very true. I was happy that I was able to smile at what I'd made, instead of getting wrapped around what didn't go right. I've spent a lot of time being paralyzed by trying to be perfect, so I think smiling despite the flaws is a sign of growth! :)