Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Day Five - A Day Off!

We decided that each of us should get a day off from the stock show madness and today ended up being my day off.  I had intended to spend some time in my Studio, painting horses, but instead I spent some time with this guy today:

My boy, Bo. (a picture from last spring, I didn't have the camera today)

It was good top spend a little while with him.  This morning I stripped out his stall and bedded it back down.  Then this evening I went back out and played with him at liberty in the arena and went for a little ride, then gave him a good grooming and dinner.

There wasn't much "off" in my day off - I also did a bunch of laser work, took a trip to town to the stock show to drop off my latest creation at our booth.  Also went grocery shopping, made a big batch of vegetable juice, did dishes, vacuumed the house... 

Geez I think it would have been better to "work" at our booth today!  ;)

I'll be back at the stock show tomorrow and then we are going to a rodeo as soon as the trade show closes for the night!  It will be a looong day.

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