Saturday, June 27, 2015

Now There Will Be More Colors!

Today Jeff and I did a little bit of shopping and a bit more exploring around the local area.  We ended back at the (magical) 100 yen store again tonight, where we bought some cool things last week.

I... picked up a few more things.

When we went last week, I ended up getting a neat clear stamp set.  So tonight I picked up the other one that they had (on the left).

I also got this cute roll of washi tape with a woodland animal theme, including foxes!  I haven't really used much washi tape, but they have a lot of it at this store.  This was my favorite.

Lastly, these beautiful papers.

Everything was 100 yen a piece - about 80 cents USD!  It is such a neat store.

My biggest announcement though is that I've decided to really go for it with the halters I've been making (and I'm going to start making other stuff like it too) and so now I have several more colors to work with:

Here's a hurriedly put together color chart with some crooked strips of color...  From top to bottom: paisley, purple, yellow, light green, hot pink, red, black, and white (though you can barely see that one).

I'm exciting to make some more halters, and a few other things too.

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