Thursday, June 4, 2015

State of the Studio - Empty (mostly)

There's not much to talk about as far as my studio room. 

It's just an empty room at the moment...

Totally empty....

Nothing to see- wait, what's that?

Yesterday one of the boxes we'd mailed ourselves (over a month ago) finally arrived here.  It had some odds and ends, including some last minute craft goodies I had stuffed in that still needed to be moved.

Whoohoo, fabric for saddle pads! 

Also, a few pieces of random fabric I'd set aside for potential model horse uses, such as blankets or something else.

An interesting thing in the room is the huge closet (with a cameo by Max in the hallway).

There is quite a bit of room in the closet and I've already got some ideas to maximize the storage/organizational possibilities in there.  I'm hoping they won't just end up crammed full of stuff and become a black hole full of supplies that I won't see until we move again...  ha!

Maybe it's silly, but I'm excited to have a (tiny) bit of craft supplies in my empty studio now.  (I also thought it'd be interesting to document the pristine, empty state of the room..  before it is crammed with desks, shelves, horses, and all manner of fun crafty stuff!)

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