Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Some Welcome Good News!

I've been having a lot of mixed feeling about our upcoming move.  Lately, I've been feeling mostly depressed about it.  I'll have to say goodbye to Bo, for now.  I'll have to give up my garden and all of my houseplants.  I'll have to leave my Kitten behind (with family).  Lastly, we were quite sure I wouldn't have a Studio room or much room at all to do any crafting.  That has been a source of depression for me as I have been making big plans to make a LOT of Studio progress while we are there.

Well, Jeff has talked to the housing office there and it sounds like we actually are going to get a three bedroom house!  We were pretty sure we'd end up with a two bedroom apartment, since we don't have kids.  We've been talking about it and Jeff said he thinks the extra bedroom should be...  my Studio!!  This evening I found the floor plans for the houses and I went down to my Studio, tape measure in hand.  Surprisingly, the spare bedrooms in the three bedroom floor plan are actually a bit LARGER than my current room.  I'm very excited.

I'm still bummed about leaving behind my Bo boy, my Kitten, and my plants...  but now I have something to look forward to at our new house - another Studio room to set up and have fun creating things in!  I think I'm going to measure my shelves and such and maybe try to start plotting out how the Studio, version 2.0, might look.  It will be a welcome distraction from the approaching goodbyes.


  1. That's too bad about leaving Bo. I don't think I could do that. Will he be here when you come home?

  2. I totally understand. You are doing the thing that would be the most difficult in the world for me to do. I promise you my very best. Both you and Bo.