Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thankful Thursday - This Last Week!

I decided to do a quick little Thankful Thursday post for today.

I'm thankful for SO much, particularly over the past week.  I had such a wonderful time on my trip and I'm so grateful that I had to opportunity to do all of these things. 

I'm thankful for:

Safe travels to and from everywhere I went.

The fantastic show that I went to, the hostesses and judges who were all wonderful, and the great people I met there too!

Deb, a great lady I met - with one of her AMAZING performance setups

The chance to visit with some (real) horse friends I hadn't seen for several years and a good time there doing some horse archery.

An arrow in flight, this was everyone's first time doing horseback archery

An entire day spent with Candace Liddy, having fun and learning a TON in her studio!

One of my wacky projects that we worked on

I'm also continually thankful for you, my blog readers and commenters!  I noticed just now that my little blog has 7501 views as of tonight.  That's so cool!  Next stop, 10,000?  ;)

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