Saturday, September 3, 2016

Wild Honey

One of my old custom mini horses is named Wild Honey.  She's a G2 Paso Stablemate that I painted to be a Rocky Mountain Horse.  She was initially created...  I think about 12 years ago, or more.

A couple of years ago, she got a makeover of sorts when I decided to finally fix her badly painted mane and tail.

Since then, she's gone to a few live shows and I think she had gotten NAN qualified again.

She was featured here in my blog on another occasion, with a batch of old custom horses I've done.

Upon moving to Japan, I thought my days of live showing were done - at least for a while.  So I decided to get back into photo showing.

Wild Honey's new show picture

Her photo show debut was at the April 2016 MEPSA Mini Specialty Show where she placed 2nd (of 5) in Other Gaited Breed, 4th (of 8) in Other Natural Color, and 6th (of 10) in Headstudy,  It wasn't a fantastic result, but her 2nd place finish meant that she was one of the 5 that I could have sent to the Championship show, if I had been brave enough to try for it.

A few weeks ago, I mailed out pictures for the August 2016 Mini Specialty, and yesterday - right after our return from our big Tokyo trip - I saw the results!

Wild Honey:

Light Type Mare - 10th (of 75)
Other Pure/Mixed Gaited - 1st (of 15)
Other Natural Color - 1st (of 12)
Workmanship-Repaint Only(Including Etched) - 4th (of 125!)
Headstudy - 4th (of 16)

I am SO happy with how this little girl did in her latest show!  And yes, this time she WILL be going to the Championship show, next year.  :)


  1. Yay and Congratulations! I'm really glad to see people give MEPSA and photo showing a chance.


    1. Thanks! I wasn't even sure photo showing was still a "thing" when I came back from the hobby hiatus. I'm very glad it is alive and well!

  2. I've always wanted to get into photo showing, since I don't have the means to live show. It's on my very long list of "maybe someday when I get a proper studio and don't live out of an RV" things to do! Congrats to you and your beautiful little model!

    1. Thank you! :) You should definitely give photo showing a try, it is a lot of fun. ;)

  3. OMG! That is SO great! Yayness girl! Congratulations!