Friday, August 14, 2015

Another Arabian

Yesterday, I talked about how I've gotten the ball rolling on my first Arabian tack project.

I've decided that my first piece of tack will be for Darkness Falls, my little Classic Black Stallion.  Today, it dawned on me that I have another favorite Arabian in my collection (okay, I actually have several...) and she is Classic scale as well.

There is a Vintage Model Horse Customs group on Facebook.  hey have been sharing a ton of lvely pictures and stories on there lately and today I shared "Ashley" with them.  She is signed as having been created in 1989 and I bought her many years ago after falling in love with her when she was in someone else's herd.  They later offered to sell her to me and I jumped at the chance to have her.  I don't remember her original name, but when I got back into showing late last year, I thought Ashley was a pretty name for her.

She's made some appearances in my blog before, at the last several shows since my "comeback" last October.  Despite being 26-year-old custom model, she's still a good little show horse, having won two NAN cards 6 months ago at the last two shows I went to before our move to Japan.

I think she should have her own piece of fancy Arabian tack too.  :)

Now... what color(s) should I use?  Ugh.  (haha)


  1. She should get the royal purple and Darkness Falls should get blue. She's so pretty. Just goes to show that old can be good too!