Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy Day

Today we went to a park nearby so that Jeff could get in some "quadrotorin'" and Max could get out and run and play.

As soon as we got there, Max rolled...

and rolled in the grass.  (one of his favorite things to do outside)

Jeff flew his little quadcopter.

There were a few crashes.  Here, Jeff is on his way to recover the tiny craft, while Max gallops over to assist.

The quadrotor is so lightweight, it rarely ever sustains any damage in a crash, especially not in grass.  Jeff just rights it, and tosses it back into the air.

It was a good time had by all.

Max was happy.

Jeff was happy.

I was happy.  (no pictures of me, but I took my tassel box, as I've been calling it, and tied a handful of tassels while we were there)

After all of the quadrotor batteries were dead, we went for a walk in the forest nearby and I took this picture of some of the (big) gorgeous trees there.  There are a ton of trees in the area where we are.  It is mostly all either forests and farmland.

Tonight we watched a movie and I made a bunch more tassels, almost an entire skein of purple!  I'll finish them up tomorrow and start on the blue.

It was a fun, easy, happy day today.

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