Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Model Horse Profile: A Couple of Bodies

I haven't done a Model Horse Profile post in a while and yesterday's post about the "stunt doubles" got me thinking about how I had found this other little Black Stallion.

Back in South Dakota, a couple of years or so ago, I had popped in to the thrift store on the base.  I hadn't gone in there yet and just happened to decide to stop by one day.  While wandering around, I ended up in the toy section, looking for horse-shaped-objects.  That's where I spotted them: a classic Black Stallion and Johar...  rubber banded together.  :|  I knew I had to save them and was thrilled to see that they were priced at $5 for the pair.

He is actually in decent shape, only a scratch on one side of his neck,

and a missing chip of paint on the opposite shoulder.

She however, it seemed had a harder life, or at least showed it more.  She was covered in black and colored marks.

 I tried to get some of them off, but then ended up leaving her as is.

Still, I kind of loved her pretty face and soft coloring.  I'd never actually had a Johar before.  I've had several Black Stallion and Sagr molds, both OF and as bodies, but she is my first Johar.

I did at one point put a little classic scale blue felt blanket I'd made on her and she's been wearing that ever since.

You can see the two of them together here, on the top right of my (messy) desk in my old studio room.

I've kept them standing next to each other since I got them, it just seemed right. Even here when setting up some of my bodies on the shelves in the studio, I stood these two next to each other.

I find I'm already sort of attached to this pair, even though: 1) I already have a (champion) Black Stallion, and 2) they are both in less than perfect shape.  Goodness knows I have plenty of other bodies to work on before I'd ever need to decide what I'm actually going to do with these two.  Even though I don't consider myself much of an OF collector anymore - and I'd much rather customize than collect - I'm thinking these two will probably stay as they are.  At least for a while longer.

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