Monday, August 10, 2015

Random - A Box!

In the interest of actually getting some use out of my Craft Storage board on Pinterest, I have now made these:

Origami boxes!

The little one was actually a post-it note sized piece of paper from my computer desk.  The larger one was a piece of scrapbooking paper.  As for finished size: The small box started as a 3x3" piece of paper and ended up as a 1" square box.  The larger one started as a 10x10" piece of paper and the box size is approximately 3.5" square.

My mind is spinning with ideas for these neat boxes;  they could be used to keep all kinds of things in them!

Here's the pin where I got the idea, along with something really cool to do with them - boxes inside a box!  I can think of a lot of neat ideas for this in the way of crafty storage.

Also, I saw some pins where people made covered gift boxes this way.  I'm assuming you'd make the top just a bit bigger, so that it would fit over the bottom box as a lid.  That is definitely a neat, crafty way to give gifts.

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