Thursday, January 28, 2010

Back on Track - My Hero!

The development of the studio website had been derailed due to not being able to settle on a suitable place to set up the (large) photo tent and lights to get PICTURES for the site.

Last night Jeff, my other half, swooped in to the rescue. I told him of the problems I was having and he busted out a couple of 2x4s and some tools. He built me a pretty slick little rig to clamp my lights to. The way it is set up allows me to put lights all around the sides and back of the tent. He also put in a removable vertical support on the back, to hold a light for the top of the tent. Another cool feature of the setup is that it's highly portable - it can be set up, and stored, just about anywhere.

So, now things are back in full swing! I just tested the setup by taking 100 or so pictures and they look great. I still have to format the pics and start putting them on the site!! Then I'll be taking pictures of other items!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Full speed ahead!!

Chaaaarge! ... I received the photo tent in the mail a few days ago. Then I promptly went to town and bought lights and bulbs to light up my new "toy". I've been cranking out new projects for the past week. So when the studio site has it's Grand Opening, I'll have a BUNCH of brand new items for sale. I'm excited!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Holding Pattern

I ordered a photo tent/cube today to (hopefully) allow indoor photo shoots! I did a bit of painting this evening. I might start tinkering with page layouts for the site between tonight and tomorrow. I guess you could say I'm in a bit of a holding pattern now. I'm going to want a lot of pictures on the site, so hopefuly the photo tent works well. Stay tuned!

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Setback and Bug Bites

I've encountered a slight setback in building my site. I took over 100 pictures a couple of days ago and very few turned out. It would appear that outdoor pictures just aren't going to work this time of year. Even at "high noon" the shadows were long in what I was trying to do. I know the importance of having great pictures, so I'm going to play around some more in the photography department. I'm thinking of buying or setting up a photo lighting cube so that I can take my pictures inside. I think that would be the best idea!

Today I've had the creativity bug chewing on me pretty hard. I had other things on my agenda, but I forsee myself working on some projects this evening and this weekend. Hopefully once I get the photography part nailed down I'll have some BRAND NEW work to showcase for the debut of my site! I think that would be pretty cool. :)

I'm rarin' to go in 2010 - ready to hit the ground running!

Happy New Year, everyone!! :D