Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Trying Tuesday

This may be my lamest attempt at alliteration yet. (so far?)

Life is really, really, really hard right now.  

I've started a few posts recently and then stopped.  I just wasn't feeling it.  At times, right now, I'm feeling all of the things and then none of the things.

I still have so many big plans for this blog, the studio, everything.  

I just need to make it though this latest round of heartbreak.

For those who don't know, my husband and I have gone our separate ways.  It's a long story, of course, but that's what's going on.  He was my everything for 13 years.  It was a rough time, but there were a lot of good times, too.  I'm trying to figure out how to navigate again without him.  I think this was the best decision, though often it doesn't feel like it.

About all of those plans...  Right now, I just keep saying that I am "riding the waves" and "letting things happen".  I'm learning that I am far more patient with myself, and with life, when I am by myself.  I'm feeling all of the feelings, letting them come and go, rise and fall, happy and sad, laughing and crying.  I'm hopeful that after the seas settle, I'll be back at it, working on the things I love again, freely and without fear.

I guess that's all I have to say right now.  Mostly I just wanted to "make" myself make a post.  It's the last day of the month, I'd like tomorrow to be a new start of sorts.   

Here's Loki again, doing what cats do best - sleeping. 

Monday, November 15, 2021

Mushu Monday

I suppose I'll just keep making up Monday themes 

A certain little pupper arrived today.  

Two of them, actually.  They may not be painted anytime soon, but I'm thinking brindle for one and... I'm not sure for the other.  

My original plan was to keep one for myself and sell the other one.  Not sure on that, either.  No decisions have to be made now, which is good.  I'm way past capacity on decision making lately.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Medallion Monday

(Is Medallion Monday a thing?  I guess if not, I'm about to make it a thing here, haha)

Today the latest box from the Khrysalis Studios Medallion club arrived.  I've been in the club, off and on, for a long time and the boxes are always full of fun stuff.  This time was certainly no exception!  I thought I'd share some unboxing pictures:

Lifting the lid, oh, what's this?

Box is open!


Ooo, lots of stuff

This sticker is SO pretty!

What's this?

A teeny tiny something...

It's a little pumpkin!  And it's a really nice one, too.

There's always candy in a club box, and often coffee crisp (the best!)

I noticed a few of these hopping around in the peanuts:

There is the main attraction:

He looks cool already...

Wow!  He is really cool!  

My first thought was about the kirin type creature I had wanted to make for a contest a while back.  I have a bunch of reference and inspiration type pictures from that project (it's still something I hope to finish).  I'll bet I could find some inspiration for colors on this guy in there. 

What colors do you think would look good on this amazing medallion?  

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Thankful Thursday: The Latest Kate

Today was hard. 

Really, really hard. 

A lot of days lately (really, the last two-three years maybe) have been hard.  Tonight I was trying to "do stuff", be productive - etching a custom horse - and the tears just started to flow.  I stopped etching, laid down on my studio bed, and picked up my phone.  I ended up going to look at The Latest Kate, on Facebook

If you haven't seen her work, I highly recommend it.  Within a few minutes, I had looked at several of her pictures and was feeling better.  

Here are a few of the ones I had looked at (all from her Facebook page):

I love her use of color, the cute animals and scenery, all combined with words that are comforting.  So far, I've only looked at her work online, but she does have a few books available and also a desk calendar for next year.  You can see them here on her website.