Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cabin Fever

This has been an odd winter so far.  We've had very little snow, but countless days and nights of high wind.  Our temps have been fairly mild, save for a cold snap this last wee where we stayed between below zero and teens above.  At the moment, there is a dusting of snow outside, the wind is still howling and I've been feeling a bit of cabin fever.

I've done some work on the Studio website, changing the link structure around some.  I decided to open external links in new windows, to keep visitors on my site when they click a link that would take them elsewhere - here to the blog for example.  So now my blog, or my online stores, will open in separate windows, while my main site stays put. 

I decided some website work was long over due since I've been making a bit of a push to get the URL out there.  I've handed out and sent many promotional materials with my website.  I'd like to think that people might go check it out, bt there's still not much to see there.  I was even shocked to see that some of the pages had a "Last updated" notation of over a year ago!  My how time flies. 

So now I've changed all of those dates to reflect that I have indeed worked on the website this year (this month even!) - ha!  I still have big plans to upload a ton of pictures on there to show off my work to anyone that might happen by.  All it will take is maybe a few days of dedication to format and upload pictures.

Through it all my ArtFire store has continued to quietly sell items here and there.  I have to say I've been very pleased with it.  My little storefront there has been very hands off for quite some time and is still making sales.  It's exciting to think the results I might get once I finally get around to actually making it known.  For now it's just sitting there and sales keep trickling in. 

I guess that's it for now, not much exciting to report, but hey!  I made a blog post before another 6 months had gone by, haha.  ;-)