Sunday, May 27, 2012

Painting Pots

Yesterday my husband and I ran all over town, doing errands, going places, buying stuff. One thing I was hunting was a scrolling cross-stitch frame for a big cross-stitch I've been working on. I had started it in a hoop, but almost had that all filled in. I found frame and also happened upon some terra cotta pots. I had no idea there would be pots at a craft store. As we looked them over, I about fell down when I saw the price - they were only about a dollar each!

Gardening and taking care of my house plants (some of which are very prolific, creating lots of baby plants!) is one of my hobbies.  I'm always on the lookout for pots and other plant care-related things.  So we bought 4 pots and saucers.  We also noticed a bunch of "Patio paint" in that section and ended up buying a couple bottles of it.  I hadn't thought about painting the pots, but as soon as my husband mentioned it, I thought: "oh, how fun!"

We decided to spend some time outside this morning; it is our first sunny day after four entire days of solid overcast weather with rain and fog off and on.  ("Is there no sun in this cursed country?!" - from Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves)  Hubby put together the composter we bought yesterday while I sat and painted pots.  :D   I did two with the patio paint, a bright blue and a cornflower blue, and started a third with acrylic paint in Black Cherry color.

I'll have to upload pictures later, yes I know I'm bad about doing pictures for the blog lately!  I will get better - I promise.
I also brainstormed an idea as I was painting.  My husband mentioned a few times how cheap the pots are, so we could get a bunch of them and I could have alldifferent colors.  That got me thinking...  I have a bunch of the aforementioned baby plants that I've been selling off and on.  I sell them potted in plastic cups, then people can pot them in whatever they like.  However, maybe not everyone wants to mess with dirt and such when they get a plant.  These particular plants stay small and these pots we bought are the perfect size for them to live in. 

So...  I thought, wy not try and sell some of them in pretty, painted pots??  I think it's a neat idea and I could see how they might sell better, already potted and ready to go. 

Whew - add that to the mile long list of projects and ideas...  haha

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