Thursday, September 6, 2012

Operation "Studio Overhaul" continues!

I've been moving things back and forth..  and back and forth again in the Studio room again today.  I've come up with a great idea for shelf placement in the largest part of the mission - which is to maximize storage space for the WIDE variety of supplies and projects I have going on.  Unfortunately I'm shot one set of holes in my shelving units, so I'll have to break out the drill (or ask hubby to do it - heehee) and drill some more peg holes to scoot the shelves higher up.  When all the drill dust has cleared, I'll actually have another skinny shelf, just the perfect height to slide in my packs of cardstock and papers - which never seem to quite fit anywhere else and end up piled here and there so that I can't find the ones I'm looking for.

Is it sad that this makes me happy?  Hark!  A shelf to keep my papers on!:

I've also been measuring the shelves and my sample storage options.  A while back we had bought one each of a couple different plastic drawer units; now I've come up with the configuration that I want to use them in. I do wish I could use something nicer than the cheap plastic drawers, but I suppose that can come later - you know, say after the Studio starts to support itself and I can invest in fancier storage options!

My fancy, handy dandy layout illustration, lest I forget what I was going for:

The trouble with trying to get all of the shelves "just so" is that all of the items normally on said shelves have to be scattered around to other places while I jockey the shelves up and down.

Sooo...  the epic mess continues.

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