Friday, April 29, 2016

Next Few Days = Horses and More Horses!

Tomorrow morning I'm off to meet with someone in a neighboring city who is going to take me to a horseback riding club!  I'm going to see where it is, check out the barn, the horses, and be introduced to the people there.  
I've recently learned that there are TWO riding clubs in that city.  This club that I will get to see tomorrow is the Yabusame (horse archery) club.  That is their main focus.  The other club focuses on jumping and dressage; it was them that let me ride a horse on that magical day last October.  As of this past weekend, I have contact information for them too and know where they are located.  I'm hoping to get to go meet them (again?) soon.  But first, the horse archery horses - and people!

Then on Monday morning, I'll be going back up to see the wild horses at the lighthouse.  Recently I met a woman who is new here.  She is a fellow horse person and a photographer.  She's already hit the ground running and after just a month here has done a lot of traveling and taken a lot of pictures!  (I can relate)  She hadn't been to the lighthouse yet and was very excited to go when I offered to go with her up there. 

So, out of the next three days, plans are for two of them to be full of horses.  I most certainly approve!!

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