Thursday, January 18, 2018

Blog Update and Vlog #2

First up and most important: Thank you SO much, everyone, for the great feedback on my first vlog.  That was absolutely terrifying for me to do (and share --- eek!).  I can't thank everyone enough for the support.  ((hugs)) all around!


I promise I am not going to give up on this blog!  The current computer situation is:

For Christmas, Jeff bought me a new laptop.  Which was a total dud.  He spent hours on the phone with tech support and ended up returning it.  Then he bought me another one.  It worked great!  It was beautiful, powerful, the screen colors and resolution were Ahhhhmazing!

Notice how all of that is past tense?

Turned out my beautiful new laptop wasn't charging.  It didn't recognize it's own power cord.

Jeff spent more hours on the phone with (another brand's) tech support, before being told it would have to be sent off for repairs".


I'd gotten very much in the habit of doing pretty much everything on a laptop.  Even now, sitting at my old desktop computer feels strange to me.

During the day, Jeff is at work and I'm at home with Max, downstairs.  (He's still with us!  Doing well, but doesn't like to be alone and has a hard time going up and down the stairs)  In the evening, I'm either downstairs hanging out with them, or in the Studio making stuff. (!!)  There's not much desktop computer time in the current schedule.

So, that's the long story short on why my blog here has been seemingly neglected again.  I'm hoping to at least sit down here and get some posts scheduled, maybe this weekend. 

All that being said... here's something to hold you over.  (haha)

"Oops, I did it again"

As always, I'd love to hear any suggestions for future videos and also some feedback on a good length for videos.  Also, frequency?  I was thinking once a week for a vlog, but let me know what you guys think! 


  1. I found once a week was a great vlog target to hit! (before my Great Computer Implosion of 2017) Great job, and good luck :) Computer stuff is not fun and definitely messes with the flow of things.

  2. Really like the clear case of Stablemates!! great idea, you are good with those. I agree about not waiting til the last moment on Chewie (hint, hint)! I will email you with more responses, but Good Job, Thanks!