Friday, April 6, 2018

Prep ALL The Things!!

Hang on, a quick note here: I'm sure you've seen an "ALL the things!" reference before.  What you might not know is the origin of it, or in particular the "crazed" artwork that often goes with it.  The source would be the hilarious blog, Hyperbole and a Half.  In particular:  "This is Why I'll Never be an Adult".  Many, MANY people have made their own "____ ALL the things!!" memes, with her artwork from that panel or an edited version, but often I don't see credit given, so I had to be sure and do it here. 

Okay, moving on...


Prepping is not something I enjoy.  To use a drastic custom horse for an example: I absolutely love the repositioning part, most of the sculpting, and the finish work.  But not so much the tedious (and oh so very necessary) prepping part in between. 

I think my dislike of it is two fold.  One: I'm often impatient to get to the painting part, and two: I'm a perfectionist (ugh), so it feels like a job that is never really done.  I just have to find that elusive "good enough" stopping point.  (which is why deadlines are helpful - I can't pick away at a horse for years if I've only got a week...  or a day...  to paint it!)  ;-)

For some reason, since the Australia trip, I've been on a massive prepping spree.  I've been scraping, sanding, and primering (priming?  eh, you know what I mean) a big heard of OF SMs, skiving enough leather lace to outfit a whole herd in all sorts of strap goods, and finally sorting and prepping my collection of tack making hardware.  I pulled all of the Rio Rondo stuff off of the parts trees, sorted it into some GREAT new container boxes that I've found, and have been working my way through it all, filing off the burs. 

I'm trying to make the most of the odd desire to prep things, even though I think it might stem from a bit of anxiety that I'm having about my National Tack Month Project.  That is to make a set of racing tack for Black Caviar.  It's something I've never done before, but hey, that's the point of a challenge, right? 

I may also have a PILE of other tack by the time the month is up. 

After all, once I switch out of prep mode, I'll have a bunch of prepped stuff to make things with!

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