Monday, November 8, 2021

Medallion Monday

(Is Medallion Monday a thing?  I guess if not, I'm about to make it a thing here, haha)

Today the latest box from the Khrysalis Studios Medallion club arrived.  I've been in the club, off and on, for a long time and the boxes are always full of fun stuff.  This time was certainly no exception!  I thought I'd share some unboxing pictures:

Lifting the lid, oh, what's this?

Box is open!


Ooo, lots of stuff

This sticker is SO pretty!

What's this?

A teeny tiny something...

It's a little pumpkin!  And it's a really nice one, too.

There's always candy in a club box, and often coffee crisp (the best!)

I noticed a few of these hopping around in the peanuts:

There is the main attraction:

He looks cool already...

Wow!  He is really cool!  

My first thought was about the kirin type creature I had wanted to make for a contest a while back.  I have a bunch of reference and inspiration type pictures from that project (it's still something I hope to finish).  I'll bet I could find some inspiration for colors on this guy in there. 

What colors do you think would look good on this amazing medallion?  


  1. I'm seeing rich royal blue and rich royal purple with gold accents!

  2. I'm designing and coloring a Xanthian hippicorn at the moment, so, without giving too much away (!), "green and gold and pearl and turquoise" is very much on my mind right now.