Sunday, July 29, 2012

Almost Vacation Time!

I was going to get all fired up on here and start pushing to make daily posts again when it hit me...  In a couple of days, my husband and I are leaving for a week long trip.  So... daily posts will have to wait until after that I suppose!

It will be good to get away for a little while.  I think I should make an attempt to carry a small memo pad and pen with me though, because I tend to get a lot of brainstorms when I'm away from home for some reason.  Well, to be honest - I get brainstorms ALL the time, but it's much harder to keep track of them on the go.  We will be on a motorcycle, seeing a lot of cool things in nature.

There is nothing like a motorcycle to experience nature as you pass through it - well other than a horse of course!  In a car you can see some of it, but on a bike you see all of it, plus you can hear, feel, and smell it all too.

We will be going up through the Colorado Rockies - much inspiration to be had there for sure!  I'll be snapping a lot of pictures as we go too.

I should also take something to gather up neat findings.  I tend to pick up cool leaves, rocks, feathers, and so on during any nature hike.  Many of those items eventually find their way into my creations.  Space will be at a premium on the bike - we will be carrying enough gear to camp off of the bike for the week - but I'm sure I can squeeze in a little pencil case or something for some little pieces of my home state.

I'm looking forward to the trip and I'm sure I'll come back charged up with even MORE creative ideas!

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