Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back Home and Pictures!

Well, actually we've been back home for almost a week now, but it's been a little chaotic so far getting back into the groove of things.

We had a great trip, spending a week on the motorcycle and touring through Colorado.  I took over 1,000 pictures and we are still in the process of wading through them!  There was much inspiration to be had, but I didn't collect anything like I had hoped to, we just didn't have any room to spare.  I'll have to be content with the pictures I took of EVERYTHING.

My husband got my website editing software up and running again just yesterday, so I'll be working on the next installment of Studio site updates this week hopefully.  I had a virus and we had to reformat my computer a few months ago (oh yay!).  It's amazing how many little programs here and there get taken for granted until you have to wipe everything out and start over.  I think my website editor was the last thing piece of the puzzle to get back to work on the online Studio projects.

I've gotten a few orders in the past week (YAY!) so I'll be getting them ready to mail out in the next day or two.

I just did some maintenance on the Studio's Facebook page: 
I deleted some links that were no good and edited some photo and album descriptions.  Plus, I uploaded my newest greeting card pictures.

I guess that's it for the post-vacation update!

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