Friday, March 28, 2014

New Game Obsession?

(totally off track from crafting, but ah well...)

Oh dear...

I've never considered myself a "gamer", despite having played World of Warcraft for 7 years now - off and on.  (mostly off the past couple of years)  I do still enjoy playing computer games, though I don't make as much time for them as I used to.  There are just too many other things I want to do!

I had heard of Minecraft and from what I'd seen, it looked interesting.  I was warned by friends who play it that it is addicting.  Jeff and I have steered clear of it because of that.  We both thought it looked like fun, but we were resisting...  It turns out that one of my husband's friends has his own Minecraft server.  We stopped by his house a couple of weeks ago and he was showing us around in the game.  Then he asked Jeff to stop by a couple of days ago and work on some programming.  Jeff bought the game and created an account while he was there. 

Last night, after a session of AutoCAD for the laser, we logged onto Minecraft on my computer to check it out.  At first I had NO idea what I was doing.  I died a few times, running around in the dark, being chased by spiders and zombies.  Finally I found a beginner's tutorial online and then I started to get somewhere.

Jeff ended up having to tear me away from my computer last night. 

Today, I played for a few hours.  It is fun!  Though I wouldn't have thought that a "simple" blocky game could be scary, now I'm hoping I won't have nightmares of "creepers" tonight!  

I'm building an underground fort/castle/mine in the game.  Jeff pointed out earlier today that I'm playing on his account and he said it sounds like we might have to get the game for me too.  So I guess I'm actually building HIM a huge underground fort/castle/mine right now...  He'll have it a lot easier if he starts there rather than crashing through the woods in the dark like I did at first!

Enough of that...  for now.  I've got to get busy on more productive things!

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