Sunday, April 5, 2015

New Faces - Resin

After my day in the studio with Candace Liddy, I did a bit of shopping - picking up several resins to have fun with.  Most of what I bought were on sale for being raw castings and having missing parts.  (yay for budget resin shopping!)  I thought it would be fun to snap some pictures of them to share the several new faces here!

The first couple are from her Zebra series, Stablemate scale, they were named after cat foods. 

This is Nine Lives, she sadly has NO feet:

Next up is Whiskas, she's only missing part of one leg:

Then we have Zuba..  I think she's one of the zebras too, but I'm actually not 100% sure.  (I don't recognize that as a cat food..?)  She's missing the same leg as Whiskas:

Moving on, and up in scale, we have Epitome.  She's a stock horse mare, Little Bit scale I think.  She's missing her back feet:

Next is Amisha, gorgeous, gorgeous Amisha.  She's missing one back foot and the tip of an ear.  She is a Little Bit Marwari mare: (she's already a favorite of mine, if you can't tell by my introduction...)

The only one I bought who was is intact and cleaned up is this one.  He is Mini Mulan, a stunning little Friesian stallion, Stablemate scale.  I HAD to have him:

He is a looker from any angle:

I love his action pose and flying hair:

So, there they are!  My wee little resin collection went from just 3 to 9 in no time!  ;)  I'm looking forward to working on these little ones and I'm hoping I'll be able to put a little time into them before our big move.  I also have to stock up on packing materials now for my more fragile additions to the herd.  I'm thinking I'll be getting some foam for the first time, that seems to be the stuff to use.

The only one I left out on my computer desk, for now, is Amisha.  I love her action pose and the fact that she seems to be demanding to know when I'll fix her and get her painted.  Maybe not for a little while, pretty girl, but it will happen!  There are SO many awesome color possibilities for a Marwari...  She will be fun.  :)


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