Sunday, May 17, 2015

Black Hills Burro

Yesterday we went to visit one of our favorite places in the Black Hills, Custer State Park.  Particularly, our destination was the Wildlife Loop, a road that winds through the park and gives a chance to view the wildlife in the park: bison, pronghorn, elk, deer, turkeys, prairie dogs, and my favorite - burros. 

The burros are "wild", but... they have learned that people will feed them and so most of them will approach cars, expecting treats.  Even when people are on foot, most of them will approach people, looking for handouts.  They often hang out near the roads.  Even so, we were surprised when the first burro we saw, was this one, standing right on the edge of the road.

The burro was all by herself.

Or was she?

I got out of the car, walked down the road a bit, then crossed it to get a better look.

Oh my goodness!  (this was right before he scrambled to his feet on wobbly legs)

Baby was hungry.

A few cars rolled slowly past, pausing to take pictures or touch mama's nose, but no one offered food.

Mama stayed near her post by the road, while the baby explored a bit.

Shaking those floppy ears!

SO adorable.

Mama turned back around to face the road.

Here comes another car.

Do they?  Yes, they do have treats.  Mama eats several apple pieces.

She cleans up a couple of dropped pieces.

Baby gets a snack too.

After she got the snack she was waiting for, Mama headed back up the road, grazing.  Baby followed along.

He was so adorable, I couldn't stop taking pictures.  Look at that little tongue!

Awake and having had a few little snacks, the baby started feeling spunky!

Saucy little man, he ventured out onto the road, ears pinned.

Then ran back toward his mama.


They wandered off the road and into some trees, mama grazing and baby testing out his legs more and more.  This was the last picture I took of them.  Baby burro 'tude!

It was so cool to see this pair.  I think the baby might have been born the night before.  Certainly I would think no more than a couple of days ago.  He was so tiny and still wobbly on those long furry legs. 

We did find the rest of the herd a ways further down the road, they had two older babies with them.  Of course I took a ton of pictures of them too, but that will have to be another post!