Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Next to Next to Last

Another quick little update on our moving saga...

There has been a LOT of moving around for us lately - and we haven't even actually moved yet.  We went on a whirlwind week and a half long trip which I referred to as our Farewell Tour.  We visited a lot of family and friends and stayed in several different places along the way.  Today we checked into what will, hopefully, be our next to next to last place we stay before we take the long flight to our new home.  The hotel room we are in for the next 6 days or so is really nice; it is pretty much a small apartment!  It is nice to be "settled" in somewhere, even if only for a handful of days before we move on again, working our way toward our new home.  I'm hoping to do some real blog posts (with pictures!) during my down time here.  Stay tuned! 

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