Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BreyerWest - I'll be there!

I've been cooking up this announcement for a little while.  

The original plan was a trip to the U.S. to visit family and friends (and Bo!!) in April.  Jeff mentioned that I might want to go a week earlier to have more time to visit.

I had already looked at the NAMHSA Live Show schedule, ya know, just to see if there might be any shows in any places I might be, in the time frame I might be there.  Much like I did when I ended up visiting Arkansas and discovering there was a live show (Mid-Ark) right there, right when I'd be there.  (yay!!)

The stars didn't seem like they would align this time.  However, I did see that BreyerWest was in Oregon, in late March.  Well, I'd be flying into Seattle, from Japan.  Hmmm.. close, but not enough.  Ah well.

Then came the idea of leaving earlier for the trip.  Hmmm..  How about if I leave a bit earlier still and...  maybe, you know... go to BreyerWest...?

So, I am!!

I've spent the last few weeks juggling dates, hotels, planes, trains, and automobiles (no, really) and as of last night, the last puzzle piece is in place and, it's official.

I'm going to BreyerWest!

Side note: I'll have some goodies to peruse in the room sales and Friday night Swap meet at the host hotel, here's one of the things I'm working on:


  1. AW! I wish so badly that I could go! I've got a terrible story about how I'm cursed and any time I live near a BreyerWest location, they either move it to a different state or don't hold it at all that year.

    It seems like a lot of hobby people are going this year too. It looks like it'll be a blast!

    Have fun! Get pictures!

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been able to go. :( This time is just random good timing for me, I certainly don't think I'd be able to make the trip over for just this. The timing of our already planned trip (and an understanding, generous husband) are getting me there this time. ;)

      Have no fear, I will take a TON of pictures. It's what I do. The question is will they make it to the blog? Sometimes I'm bad about that, but I'm planning to share at least some of them. :)

  2. BreyerWest is awesome. You are going to have so much fun.