Thursday, June 1, 2017

Shrinky - I Has One

At some point a few years back, I realized that my herd of Breyer Semi-rearing Mustangs seemed to be all a slightly different size, one in particular seemed a bit smaller.  I hadn't thought much of it, until I happened to see a sales listing for a Breyer that was a shrinky a bit ago.  I'd heard the term before, but wasn't sure what exactly it meant.

So, I went and did some research, in particular this blog post gave quite a bit of great information.  It also caught my attention that one of the affected models discussed was #118, the Mustang in palomino or sorrel.  The color being lighter also caught my attention.  Mine has always been so light, I've always thought of him as an "apricot" palomino, versus the darker sorrel usually seen.  (Another good post that I found about shrinkies was this one.)

Inspired and informed, I headed to check out the herd, in particular my suspected shrinky.

This is the shelf where most of my "bad boys" hang out (because it's a taller space and there's room for them).

You can see the short guy on the left.

Here he is next to #1296, San Domingo:

And also with #828, bay overo:

Yeah, he's certainly smaller:

He doesn't seem to have a lean or any of the deformities that some of them seem to have.  He isn't oozing anything either.  He's just... smaller, all around.  I'm fairly sure he's gotten even smaller than when I first noticed the size difference.

He's still a tough little(r) guy and one of my favorites.  I bought him when I was around 18 and I think he may have been the first ever horse I ordered over the Internet!

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