Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Painting Not Horses

Lately, I've been working on a big painting project that is not model horse related.  I've been painting many sheets of OSB to put walls on the chicken coops and Bo's house that have now been framed and have roofs put on.  

I debated what color to paint them.  Typical farm colors are red with white trim, but was the color of everything on the farm in North Dakota and I didn't want to do that again.  I decided to go with another color I've seen used before, a sort of grey/blue.  The color I chose is called "Blue Persia".  It's more blue than grey, especially in photos, I've noticed. 

The people at the local hardware store teased me a bit, saying my chickens must be spoiled when I mentioned what it was for.  Why?  I suppose maybe it's not usual for someone to buy custom mix of paint for a chicken coop.  Or maybe it was the fancy name of the paint, haha.

I have about a dozen sheets painted.  It takes me an hour to do each one.  I'm only doing one coat, but putting it on thick enough, and in all different directions, to get down into all the fibers of the OSB.

For reference, here are the structures they will be going on.  The two chicken coops:

(if they look crooked - particularly the one on the left - it's because they are.  That one, for sure, is built on very uneven ground)

Here's Bo's house, just before the roof was laid on:

And here's Bo, "helping" with the roof project:

I've had a lot more (real) help in the form of the new relationship I mentioned a few posts ago.  Very shortly after moving to Minnesota - and while NOT looking for a relationship... one found me.  I could go on about him quite a bit and I may, if there's any interest in that - ha!  For now, I'll say that he has helped me a great deal in tackling my decision paralysis and getting these started (and with so many more things).

The hope is to make more progress on construction this week.  I'm almost out of paint, I'd bought two gallons.  I actually have another gallon of a very similar color I had bought for laser projects.  I may just use that...

Or go back and get another gallon of bougie Blue Persia.  

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  1. Just when I was wondering about progress on Bo's barn, this comes along -- bravo! And why shouldn't roofs be blue?!