Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful (times two)

I remember in the past seeing blog posts for "Thankful Thursday".  Today is Thursday, the start of November, and in a few weeks it will be Thanksgiving.  So it just occurred to me, what better day than today for a post on being thankful!  I thought I'd do a list of anything that pops in.  This is by no means complete.  Though life can get me down and I have been through many dark times, if I stop and think about it, life is pretty good now. 

I am thankful for:

My husband - he is wonderful and takes such good care of me.
Our house - we have a nice home to live in.
My studio room - that I have my own dedicated space to work on projects.
Our vehicles - we have reliable transportation.
Our animals - we have a small menagerie of critters that keep us laughing with their antics.
My horse - Bo is a childhood dream come true: a horse, a black stallion, with the best disposition I could ever ask for in any horse, let alone a stallion!
We live in America and have a good life when so many others, here and around the world, are struggling.
We have freedom, including religious freedom to worship or not worship as we choose, others are killed for this.
We have electricity, computers, and the Internet for fun, research, and keeping in touch with family and friends.
We am healthy, mobile, and have our sight, hearing, and other senses.
We live in a nice neighborhood with great neighbors.
We live in a good area for us - close enough to conveniences, but not in a big city.
We have some great friends.
We have good, close families.

That's all I can think of right now, I'm sure there is much more, but it's a start... 

What are you thankful for? 

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