Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Painting!

Last night Jeff and I tried out a place in town that a friend recommended.  It's called Canvas 2 Paint and they offer classes where they teach you how to do a painting.  They have several different paintings available and I had been keeping an eye on their event calendar for a little while, looking for a painting that I'd like to do.  Jeff was skeptical; he doesn't consider himself to be artistic, and even I was nervous about going.  I've been painting ever since I was little, but I don't think I've ever worked on a flat canvas.  A few weeks ago I ended up finding out about a neat-looking painting they were going to do and we signed up for the class.

We went and ended up having a great time.  They serve beer and wine during the evening adult classes, we each had Moscato.  The painting that we did was called: "The Rising Sun Remix".  It is a very colorful sunrise, behind the silhouette of a tree.  Pictures of the class can be seen at Canvas 2 Paint's Facebook page.  I was surprised how easy the painting actually was and how fun it was to do, once we really got going.

They also played a game, sort of a last man standing type of thing, and Jeff was one of the last few standing, so he won a prize.  We had the option of a free drink, a discount on a future class, or a finished painting from their boutique.  We ended up getting a painting and picked out a pretty one of two birds on a branch.  Altogether we came home with three new paintings last night - the two we did and the one Jeff won!  It was a good time and I would definitely like to go there again.  They also offer "Open Studio" time where people can just come in and paint whatever they want.  I think that would be fun to try as well.

For this Thankful Thursday, I'm very thankful for the fun night out that we had and the beautiful paintings we brought home.  Now we just need figure out where to put them!

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