Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Gearing Up For A Giveaway (or two)

Not much to report on the studio front, except that my approval came in last week allowing me to operate a business here on base!  I'm pretty excited about that and I finally made my introductory post in one of the local Crafter's Facebook groups.

More big news is that I'm planning to do another giveaway (or two) to celebrate.  It'll be open to everyone.  I saw another local business owner announce that she was doing a giveaway in which there'd be a winner for here on base, as well as a winner Stateside.  I like that idea.

One thing I'm struggling with a bit is that I had decided to shift my creative focus (back) to model horses and model horse stuff, but I'm not sure how well those things would sell here.  I do intend to try and get some interest in the hobby over here - wouldn't that be neat?  It turns out there are at least a few fellow horse lovers that I've come across.  Maybe while we are all here, mostly horseless, some of them would be interested in model horses.

Anyway, for the winter vendor event coming up, I am going to do some Stablemate ornaments, but other than that, I'm going to plan on making items such as: Christmas cards, tatted things, different types of ornaments, etc.  So a bit of a warning to my model horse world readers, you might be seeing some random posts about that sort of stuff, especially leading up to the vendor event, and Christmas..  ;)

(here's the slick flyer for the event, made up by one of the vendors who does graphic design)

I've also been working quite a bit on the laser recently, gearing up for the winter vendor show.  We will be there representing the laser business too.  This is one of my newest creations.  It is a small wooden box with pictures of bears engraved on the top, front, and sides.  I took the pictures several years ago and it is fun to see them now engraved into wood.

I have a few other picture boxes in progress, featuring foxes and, if the pictures play nice, elk too.

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