Saturday, November 28, 2015

Quiet to Chaos

I'm running late on wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but I hope you all did have one!  We ended up being a part of, and eating, two Thanksgiving dinners.  The first was a big one for Jeff's work - a week early - and another, smaller affair, with some friends on Thanksgiving day.

Things have been mostly quiet here on the creative front, I've been quietly chipping away at some small projects - and neglecting my blog.  :(  However, things are about to get a little crazy.  (That's how it goes sometimes, huh?)  I had a sudden realization the day before yesterday: the Winter Vendor show is...  a week away!  I was almost horrified when I realized that.  So what did Jeff and I do yesterday to prepare...?  We played Minecraft.  All.  Day.  No, not at all what should have been done, but it was fun and a good break for both of us from all of the "adulting" that we need to do most days.

Today, I plan to run the laser and cut out more items for the show.  Also, I have a pile of craft things to finish, including these ornaments:

Tiny cross-stitch snowflake and trees, they still need stitching done and then finish work.  They will each be approximately one inch square, stitched on 18-count cloth:

I think I will actually try the snowflake again on a darker fabric, and/or fill in around it with dark stitching.  I haven't decided yet.  It is pretty, but doesn't "pop" at all on this beige fabric.  The trees will have trunks, decorations, and snow falling.

Next up are a tatted wreath and tree, they still need finish work and decoration.

The wreath will have a tiny red ribbon bow on it and the tree will be trimmed with sequins and seed beads.  It will also have a trunk that I haven't put on yet.  I have several of each, waiting on finish work

I had made a ton of tatted ornaments two years ago and put them in all of our Christmas cards.  There is a third design, a white snowflake.  I still have some of those from the last Christmas tatting marathon, they'll be up for sale too.

Also, I have the herd of Stablemate ornaments that I'd started.  Most of them have their initial base coat of paint and just need to be decorated.

Plus, I'd like to make some Christmas cards, possibly some jewelry, and, and, and...

On top of all of the making, I also need to decide on how to set up our table and display everything, decide on pricing, make signage, do some (last minute) social media promotion posts, and, and, and...

Whew!  I've got a lot of work to do over the next few days.

This all reminds me of a certain saying...

(And this was yesterday, only instead of napping... Minecraft.) 


  1. This is the first time I've seen your tatted things. Cool! I can see why they're addicting...! Best of luck at the vendor show, and try not to spread too thin...!