Saturday, June 4, 2016

Coming Soon: HORSES

I've been "quietly busy" lately.  I started working with the personal trainer (in other words: getting my butt kicked at the gym) and have been keeping up with that - yay me!  Also, I've now had a couple of sessions with the professional organizer who's helping me do the biggest overhaul in the history of the studio - hopefully the last one for a good long while.  The studio room is already looking very different and, though it's still in a messy stage right now, I'm very excited about the future.  I'll be sharing more on that later, I've been trying to document the whole thing, but the most exciting part is that my one desk has been replaced by THREE desks, or rather, one big workbench - along an entire wall.  :D

The real reason for this post though is to share the exciting news to come.  As of right now, the plan is for the next three weekends to involve HORSES.

Tomorrow is the "Strong Horse Iron Pull" event that we went to shortly after arriving here a year ago  (YES, we've already been here for a year!).  This time I plan to introduce two of my new friends, Holly and Alyce, to the event.  They are both horse people that I've met over here.  We do tend to find each other, right??

Last year I did a whopping four blog posts about the event and I'm excited to go, see the strong horses (and ponies!), take hundreds more pictures, AND see what might be different about being able to speak a tiny bit of the language this time around.

Next weekend is the "Jingle Jangle" horse parade.  We also went to that last year, but of course I want to go again!  Neither Holly or Alyce have seen that yet either and I think we'll all be going to it too.

Finally, in two weeks, I'm planning to take another friend, Crystal, up to see the wild horses at the lighthouse.  She has never been up there and will be leaving Japan in a few months.  I offered to take her up to see them.  I'm eager to see the new foals.  The last time I went up, a few weeks ago, there was one new foal.  I've actually been up to see them a few times, and not blogged about it, bad me...

(a fairly recent picture I hadn't shared yet)

Most recently, I had gone up there with Alyce, shortly after I met her here.  I mentioned that I didn't know the horses well enough to recognize if any of them were the same I'd seen on previous visits, but that I should compare pictures and try to find out.

Alyce mentioned that I should start a blog about the horses, go up every couple of weeks or so, take pictures, and post what they are up to.  Maybe give them names.  I think it sounds like a fun idea, I'm not sure I will do it, but it's something to consider.

I'll try and share MOAR horse pictures on here in the very near future, I should have a TON of new material soon.  ;)

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