Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Confessions - BreyerFest

I have a confession to make...  I have never been to BreyerFest.  Sadly, it's true.  Despite being a Breyer lover since the age of, well, 3... when my grandparents bought me a Smokey, I haven't made it there.

Another confession, I'm late to find out about this, since apparently it was announced in the Breyer blog back in May, but...  these are two of the models that will be available there!!

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Mancha and Gato!!

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This is old news to many I'm sure, but I just happened to see them in an e-mail newsletter yesterday.

Tales of "long riders" have always fascinated me.  I first read of Aime Tschiffely's journey in an old book of horse stories when I was little.  It may have been the tale to start it all for me.  One of my long time dreams has been to ride a horse across the country.  Now I find myself living in a different country, but the dream is still there.  I want to do a long ride, just as badly as I ever did.

I MUST have these models.  Not ever having been to BreyerFest, I have no idea how the exclusive models work.  I'm hoping they will be available afterwards and not for crazy prices.  Either way, I'm going to have to save my pennies (nickels, quarters) and hope I can find them after the big event.  

I don't really consider myself a Breyer collector anymore; it's been a long time since I found myself lusting after an OF, but suddenly here we are.  I've always liked the Classic Duchess mold too, there's just something about her.  ;)


  1. Hi Bobbie, It happens that I've been falling in love with this pair too. I'll be going to BFest and I'll see what I can do about obtaining a pair of pairs...!

    1. Hi Sue, that would be wonderful! :D I was figuring I'd have to haunt eBay or the sales pages at some point after the event, but it'd be fun if you could get them!