Saturday, October 15, 2016

Newest Member of the Herd

A few days ago, a new horse joined the herd here in Japan!  I wanted to wait to announce his arrival until he'd had his first photo shoot at the beach.  Today was the day.

I'm happy to present, "Anubis", sculpted by Sheri Rhodes.

Much like Chewie who arrived before him, I think I already have a color picked out for him.  However, like Chewie, he might stay "nekkid" for a while.  We'll see...

What is that color?  I'm leaning toward black.  I've always had a thing for black Arabians.  Also, one of the biggest reasons I bought him was to be a model for Arabian costumes.  Black would make a lot of colors "pop".

I'd love to take this guy around on tours of Japan, but he's quite a bit less portable than little Chewie.  He's a full Traditional scale, Chewie is a Little Bit.  ;)

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