Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Quick Post - Beach Picture

Today we went to the beach again so Jeff could fly his little fleet of quadcoptors and I could attempt to take more horse pictures - hopefully for photo showing.

The sun was bright today, the opposite of the problem I had last time, when it was dark and stormy.  I haven't decided if the pictures from today are too bright and washed out (I really hope not...) and haven't resized any of them yet to share, save for this one.

He is Apollo, named for the god of the sun, inspired by his brilliant copper coat.  Can't you almost picture him racing across the sky?

Much like how I thoroughly enjoy creating things, but not so much the process of getting them documented and listed for sale or what have you... I enjoy taking pictures, not so much the formatting and attempting to edit them.

I hope the pictures I took today will be good enough to use.  I'd like to go out and get a BUNCH more this week, of other horses, before sending out my next MEPSA entry/entries.  So far I've been entering the same string of horses/photos in the Mini Specialties, but I have plenty more minis to be able to add a bunch more to my string.  Also would like to start entering some of the other shows too (larger than Mini).

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  1. I love that picture! He really looks like he's flying along the sea shore!