Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pretty Pond, Pretty Kitty

We are currently staying at Jeff's mom's house in upstate Pennsylvania.  It is a beautiful place, complete with a pond.  This was during sunset, last night, on the far side of the pond.

In addition to the pretty scenery, there is also a pretty kitty to be found here.  My beloved little "Kitten" - now dubbed Patches, by Jeff's mom and step-dad.  I was quite anxious to see if she would remember me, or hide as she has always done whenever strangers appear.

I'm very happy to report that she remembered me!  She greeted me with excited tail shaking and requests for vigorous chin scratching.  I in turn greeted her with happy tears.

We will be here for a few more days.  Tomorrow I have an exciting side trip planned.

Also tomorrow: I have a scheduled blog post full of Bo spam, from my most recent visit to see my boy.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, look at the view of the pond, ideal location to have your home. such views are food for sould, would love to have a home near such locations