Thursday, October 5, 2017

Quick Post: Command Center

The other day, while surfing Pinterest, I came across the idea of a "command center".  Apparently, it's a central location in the house to help organize your life.  Boy, could I use that!  Jeff and I talked about it and he liked the idea too.  So yesterday we bought a big cork board and a dry erase calendar to kick things off.  We ended up hanging them in the downstairs hallway, just inside the front door.  It'll be easy to see when coming down the stairs in the morning.  I think we'll add some bins to sort the mail in and possibly another calendar block so that we can track two months at a time. 

In related studio news, inspired by my friend Holly, who's much more organized than I am, I had bought a big white board for the studio room to serve as its command center (before I was familiar with the term).  When we got the cork board for the house, I grabbed another one for the studio.  I also have a dry erase calendar board for that room.  I'm hoping once I have them set up they'll help me keep track of things!

Random picture of my cat putting her seal of approval on a box that I'm currently packing to send to a friend (no, the cat is not being packed):

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