Sunday, October 1, 2017

Quick Post: Pom Poms

There is an "Arts and Crafts Center" here on the base.  They have a store that sells supplies and some projects.  I like to go in there and now and then to check out the (ever changing) inventory.  One fairly steady thing they carry (maybe because I keep buying them, haha) are tiny pom poms.  They are only sold in small, assorted packs.  Here's what's in one:

I usually buy one or two packs when I'm in there, then when I get home I sort them into my favorite little bead boxes:

I think I have enough now to make something with pom poms one of these days.  ;)

These are roughly Traditional scale, I would say, for Marwari or Arabian costume uses.  Occasionally they have had TEENY tiny pom poms for sale, they are maybe even Stablemate scale.  I have a small collection of them now too. 

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