Saturday, May 2, 2020

Favorite Thoroughbred

Today's prompt for the Shelter and Share May photo challenge is: Derby Day/Favorite Thoroughbred. 

As a long time racing fan, I knew I could go in SO many different directions with this.  I decided to have one "official photo" and then a handful of others.

The picture I shared to my Facebook page, to be official, is this one:

One of my favorite historical racehorses - okay, probably my biggest favorite - is Swaps.  I still don't have the OF original Classic Swaps (on my wishlist).  However, I have that handsome guy - who is black, one of my favorite colors - so he is the favorite Thoroughbred.

I decided to do the others as categories.

Favorite Traditional OF Thoroughbred:

Favorite Stablemate OF older Thoroughbred:

Favorite Stablemate OF newer Thoroughbred:

Favorite Stablemate older CM Thoroughbred:

Favorite Stablemate newer CM Thoroughbred (still in progress):

This last one is a bit of a stretch, we'll say it's under the "Derby Day" or racing part of the prompt.  This is Falcon Light, as he was shown at The Jennifer Show, wearing tack generously offered to me on loan by Susan Bensema Young.  Technically, I showed him as an Akhal-Teke, yes they race too, but I just had to include him.  These are the only pictures I have of one of my horses "race ready" (so far).

I even added a flowered garland to him, look, he was already a winner! 

Did everyone watch the virtual Kentucky Derby?  I caught it this evening and thought it was very interesting!

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  1. Isn't that new Walking TB SM a cutie?! I had to get the mold -- ignoring my only-palomino-SMs rule. He's one of the few times I wish SMs could be Trad size.