Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Stunt Doubles

The other day, I was using another horse to stand in as a black horse to consider at different colors of floss for tassels.

I had completely forgotten at the time that I have another classic Black Stallion in my herd of bodies.  They are out on the shelves already - I'm not much worried about and earthquake scratches on them.  So I grabbed this guy today and put him to work as a stunt double for Darkness Falls, as far as sizing.

I did a bit of braiding today to try some different things and start to dial in sizing.  He is still wearing one braid that I was using to test the length of the collar.  I used red for my practice today, because I have a lot of that.  I also figured that since red seems to be a popular color, maybe I'll end up making a red set too to sell or donate/giveaway.

I also pulled this girl off of the body stable to serve as Ashley's stunt double.  ;)

Tomorrow I'm planning more braiding, more tassels, some sewing, and maybe a tiny bit of assembly.

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